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Hangover Tricks That Actually Work

By | source:Here Apr 12th, 2019

One of the most painful and cruel signs of aging is noticing your hangovers getting worse. It seems like it would be more fair the other way round, no? As a carefree student, I had time to sleep in after a big party, and yet I’d be up and full of energy. Now, as a stressed-out young professional, every drinking occasion mandates a full day (or two) of fetal-position recovery. Life’s just not fair. Luckily, if you’re old and fatigued like me, there are a few hangover tricks that can ease your misery.

There are lots of hangover hacks on the internet, but not all are created equal. This infographic tallies up cures from around the world, from Bolivian fricase (a spicy pork stew) to Japanese shijimi soup (with raw egg, miso, and pickled plums). And if you’re feeling too delicate for food, the Russian tradition of drinking straight pickle juice might appeal (or send you over the edge).

In general, prevention is the best cure, which means eating a full meal before you go out, drinking a pint of water or juice before bed, and drinking water between alcoholic drinks to hydrate and pace yourself. There’s no magic cure for hangovers, but they don’t always have to be nightmarish.