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What Do The Happiest Countries Have In Common?

By | source:Here Apr 8th, 2021

We all want to be happy. It is part of human nature to seek joy and comfort, and it is natural to want that to be the way we feel most of the time. There are plenty of things we can do to increase our happiness, but it is also true that a large portion of it can be affected by our environment.

Finding happiness is not necessarily hard, but it is harder to maintain it when we live surrounded by danger or violence. It is harder to remain positive when there is suffering around us and when we face a constant struggle with things like finances and health.

This infographic ranks all the countries around the world specifically by continent, based on their happiness score. Some of the countries that are currently facing the most difficult sociopolitical situations are at the lowest end of the scale, while others defy the international perception with their degree of happiness.

How did your country rank? Is it happier than you expected it to be? Are other countries much unhappier than you think they should be? How does culture affect how we feel happiness and talk about it? These are all things worth thinking about.