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Happy Thanksgiving!

By | source: Nov 28th, 2013

It’s finally Thanksgiving! Turkey day is my favorite holiday of the year. I love sitting around with my family while we laugh, joke, and eat. Normally, I selfishly forego the whole “giving thanks” part of Thanksgiving,  however, I’m making it a personal point to take time to reflect on how blessed I have been this year.  I have so much to give thanks for: a fantastic new job opportunity, new friends, and a healthy family. Even though my grandma was diagnosed with an unfavorable illness earlier this year, I am thankful she is a fighter and continues to be a high spirited, talkative 75 year old.

Today’s post, brought to you by KRC Research, highlights some interesting numbers about this festive holiday. With topics ranging from “The best part of Thanksgiving Dinner,” to “Unusual things served at Thanksgiving,” this infographic will surely bring up some interesting conversation during your Turkey Day meal. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! [via]