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Help Your Kids Rebound from Summer Fitness Loss

By | source: Aug 31st, 2013

Did your kids spend too much of their summer lying around the house in front of the TV or computer screen? If so, check out today’s infographic geared towards helping parents motivate their kids to break out of lazy summer habits.

Each summer, your average child under the age of 18 spends a total of 4 hours watching TV and another 3 hours playing video games. That’s 7 hours a day spent in front of a screen that could be spent outside, exercising or doing other productive activities. (Not to say video games are a complete taboo, but c’mon I don’t think encouraging children to spend 7 hours of their day in front of a screen is a very good idea).

With that being said, Workout in a Bag for Kids, lists three easy tips to help parents break their kids’ lazy summer habits: One, talk to your kids about being healthy, and explain to them the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Children can’t understand what they don’t know, and even if they don’t agree with you, they will understand one day the importance of exercise and a healthy diet (they’re just kids). Two, make exercising fun. Whether it’s buying a home entertainment system (like a Wii), or just playing basketball with your kids every day, anything helps. And, lastly, be a role model. Children look up to adults as role models, so if you make it a point to live a healthier lifestyle, your kids will most likely follow suit.

So, without further adieu: