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Avoid Hidden Car Rental Fees With These Tips

By | source:Here Sep 8th, 2020

Find yourself in a new location, and you might just need to rent a car.

There are many hidden car rental fees that might catch you off guard, if you’re not used to the process.  A few of these include unexpected insurance excess charges, large security deposit amounts, extra charges for fuel, additional driver fees, administration charges for things like speeding tickets, special cleaning fees, one way fees, late return charges, extra fees for using a debit card when you collect the car, airport duty fees and many other charges you might not be aware of. is on a mission to make hiring a car a stress-free experience.  They recently conducted a survey that found 87% of customers hiring a car were not aware of the insurance excess or security deposit amounts, which in some cases can be as high as 2400 USD (or 2000 Euros).


Whether you’re hiring a car in your own country or abroad, they’ve committed to providing car rental with no hidden costs and no surprises at the collection desk.  This handy guide takes the stress out of the process of hiring a car, so that you can avoid hidden fees the next time you hire a car anywhere in the world with no nasty surprises at the collection desk.