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History of Marketing

By | source: Jul 24th, 2010

Wow. Looking back, there sure are some pretty outdated forms of marketing. For example, the earliest form of billboard marketing was recorded back in 1867, yet we  still see billboards all around us in every city. There have been plenty of case studies done on the effect of billboard advertising vs social marketing online, and every time, social marketing is most receptive to the younger crowd.

This begs the question, “When will some of these forms become obsolete? When all the old people die off?” Every single example in this infographic is still around today in some form or another. But, as we are seeing print media die and digital media take precedence, I hope to see a shift in marketing habits because I for one am desensitized to advertising, both physical and digital. Our generation is taught to ignore advertising and only focus on actual content. How many people here pick up their phone or computer during a commercial?

With new advertising platforms like smartphones and tablets, we are starting to see a new type of marketing strategy — one that involves interactive marketing. Apple’s new iAd is a great example of this. In any case, check out this infographic, it might entertain you for a few minutes. [Via]

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