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Hone Your Chops: A Chef’s Guide To Knives

By | source:dailymail May 30th, 2015

One field of expertise I have always wanted to conquer, but have come to the realization that I probably will are knife skills. Already I am in over my head. Looking at the labeling of the differing parts of the knife reminded me of anatomy class. Brunois, granton, heel, bolster and tang are just some of the words used in knife lingo that I surprisingly didn’t make up. Types of cooking knives I have no doubt never used.

According to today’s graphic locomotive chopping technique looks pretty doable. I’m going to need to start practicing on account of my uncanny ability to slice into my fingers. We’ve all done it, and we’ve all just cooked our blood-soaked veggies anyways (just kidding that’s nasty).

I have plenty of friends who have experience working in kitchens in the past. I’m always amazed at the speed and precision they can cut edibles. It seems like riding a bike to them, the skill sticks with them throughout their lives.

This infographic has made me extreamly interested in purchasing a set of quality knives, like, you know, CutCo……