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How Your Antibacterial Soap Affects The Water Supply (And Maybe You)

By | source:Grist Sep 19th, 2015

A few days ago a study was released stating that antibacterial soap isn’t anymore effective than regular suds. This misconception needs to reach the masses in order to slow the release of antibacterial products into our water systems. These products contain chemicals called triclosan and triclocarban, which are untreatable in today’s wastewater treatment plants.

This could ultimately result in catastrophic consequences for the ecosystems in and surrounding the rivers, lakes and streams our treated wastewater is released into. As the levels of triclosan and triclocarban continue to increase in our local waterways more aquatic species suffer from their side effects.

These chemicals have been proven to cause ‘feminization’ to some male fish species, leaving them more susceptible to predators and incapable to defend their eggs or hatchlings. Ultimately these chemicals can make their way into larger predators, or the actual fish that we eat.

Unless you want to ingest some triclosan or triclocarban, let’s get rid of our society’s infatuation with ‘antibiotic’ cleaners.