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How Real Life Businesses Profit From Mobile Marketing

By | source:Here Dec 30th, 2018

Web browsing is now more mobile than ever. But are businesses updating their websites fast enough?

As it turns out, most businesses haven’t acted on the mobile memo. Even though experts have been announcing the death of the desktop computer for what seems like ages.

Around 2008, analyst Mary Meeker predicted that by 2014 mobile would overtake internet access.  In some countries like Mexico, India, and Indonesia, people use smartphones up to 4 times more than desktops. That’s a lot, even by US standards!

According to research, mobile users spend significantly more time online per person: in most countries, mobile usage pretty much doubles the overall desktop use. Nevertheless, smartphone conversion rates remain much lower than in desktop environments. The exact cause is unknown. Research suggests that buggy mobile platforms and a lack of trust come into play.

We often talk about the idea of online shopping replacing brick and mortar stores, the same goes for smartphones replacing desktops. Soon the majority of users will access your business website via mobile. The takeaway for businesses is that smartphone spending offers big possibilities. Take a look at these fantastic business strategies that boosted conversion rates among mobile users. Are you inspired to overhaul your mobile marketing strategy?