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How Laughter Can Heal You

By | source:Here Mar 13th, 2019

Do you laugh a lot? Do you laugh easily? Well, you might want to, because other than just being a joyful person, laughing can actually improve your health.

Studies have shown that people who laugh more have experienced reduced pain in medical procedures due to natural endorphins from the brain. It’s also proven that increased laughter decreases stress, and allows the individual to have better sleep quality. It can also lead to a healthier heart! The great thing about it all is that laughter is free, available, and has no side effects. It’s genuinely just a harmless, joyful activity that anyone can partake in.

When you’re feeling down, laughing can improve your mood. It isn’t easy, but try to find humor in every situation—find ways to make yourself laugh. And I’m not saying that you should sit in your room and just cackle to yourself (although that would probably work). Instead, read some funny comics or be goofy with your friends. We cheer up others best when we make jokes to get them to crack a smile.

So don’t hold your laughter in—think of your health. Maybe don’t be that person who laughs at everything, but if you find something genuinely funny, you should laugh! Hahaha!