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How Many Calories Do You Eat At A Potluck?

By | source:Here Jan 13th, 2017

I live in Florida, so I’m pretty much always ready for a cookout. Even if you live somewhere with a colder climate, there’s nothing quite as enticing as a barbecue.

How unhealthy are summer potlucks, though? Let’s look at what 200 calories actually looks like for some cookout favorites.

I’m a total burger lover, so I’m a little bit bummed that I can only eat half of a cheeseburger for 200 calories. The good news is that your recommended daily caloric intake is 2,000 calories, so you can probably get away with a whole cheeseburger.

Here’s something seriously depressing: You can only eat half a slice of pie for 200 calories. WHO EATS HALF A SLICE OF PIE? I normally limit myself to two or three slices, but it looks like I may need to cut back.

There is good news: Fruit is ridiculously good for you compared to the other options on this infographic, so chow down on some berries and pineapple if you have the option.

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