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How Much Data is Generated Every Minute on the Internet?

By | source:Here Dec 1st, 2021

How much data is generated every minute on the internet in 2021? The magnitude of data generated will definitely surprise you…

Here’s some amazing facts to put into perspective the amount of data generated every minute.

How Many Tweets Per Minute?

On average there are 575,000 tweets per minute. In 2007 Twitter only had 5,000 tweets per day. In 2013 the tweets per day had climbed to 500,000,000 per day.

How Many Google Searches Per Minute?

This might be the most staggering figure of them all. There are 5.7 million Google searches per minute on average. These millions of searches are used by Google’s algorithms to constantly update and improve its search functionality.

How Much Does Amazon Make Per Minute?

Amazon is well known as one of the most profitable companies of all time. They generate $283,000 in sales per minute. Of course not all of this is profit, but they do generate a tremendous amount of sales as well as profits.

Netflix vs YouTube

It’s interesting to compare the time streamed on YouTube vs Netflix. Many people view Netflix as the king of online media streaming, but more people watch YouTube on average than Netflix. 694,ooo hours of YouTube are watched every minute, while only 452,000 hours of Netflix are watched.

Slack vs Discord

These two platforms have burst onto the scene in the last 5 years or so and have become very popular messaging services. While Slack is more business focused and Discord is based around gaming and different communities, they are very similar products. Slack users send 148,000 messages per minute, while Discord users send 668,000 messages per minute. Incredibly, Discord users send 4 times as many messages as Slack users.

How Many Instagram Posts Per Minute?

65,000 photos are shared on Instagram every minute. This is much lower than other platforms which allow for simple text posts, but the amount is impressive given that each post is a unique image.