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This Is How Much The World Reads

By | source:Here Sep 11th, 2021

Have you ever had a brain fart, where you’ll sit and read the same paragraph over and over and struggle to understand its contents? There’s nothing wrong with your brain, it’s just not trained yet in picking out key information the way a reader’s brain would.

To learn how to read and write like a pro, you need to train your mind in a few new skills. This will help you naturally construct new sentences as you’ll know how a reader will be approaching your work. Perhaps you’re writing a CV, putting a business case together for why you deserve that pay rise, or even just writing a letter to some family overseas. No matter the reason, being able to write clearly for your intended audience is a valuable skill.

Guess what the best way to practice is?  To read!

The world’s most readers are actually abroad, but we can still catch up!

Developing a “reader’s brain” can also help you work more efficiently every day. Being able to read quickly and accurately will mean you’ll spend less time having to review information. When you develop your reading ability, you’ll find that even the most basic tasks will become easier. By building your reader’s brain, you’ll be set to go from the second you finish reading this post.