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How Shift Work Has Changed In 2021

By | source:Here Aug 12th, 2021

Just like everything else that has changed in this never ending new normal due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, the way we look at work has changed drastically the last year and half.Some of the most heavily impacted are shift workers filling up positions in industries such as retail, hospitality, and healthcare.

Shift workers are the backbone of many businesses all around the world, from hospitality to healthcare. Many have lost their jobs, like in the hospitality business, while some had perhaps even more work to do, especially in healthcare. 69% of shift workers, in general, are still worried about their job security, even though 50% of them consider themselves essential workers.

This infographic shows the latest shift work statistics and how exactly shift workers feel about their current work situation. Deputy did research among over 1400 shift workers around the world in several different industries to hear their thoughts, problems, challenges and what do they love about their work.

Not only do workplaces now have higher sanitary standards, shift arrangement and scheduling has changed in order to make social distancing possible and cover for absent colleagues. 87% of organizations changed how they write schedules and it’s important that this new information is available and shared with shift workers – over 50% of them demand clear communication on shift options. Even though the world is not the same anymore, the work-life balance is still very important for shift workers and 65% of them would like advanced notice on schedules. Business owners should keep that in mind and adapt as much as possible in order to keep their employees happy and mentally healthy.

It seems like a worldwide pandemic was just the thing we needed to acknowledge the importance of the work they do; we call them essential workers now; they are, and they have always have been! And despite everything many people might think, that’s something shift workers in every industry had known.

Anyone who has previously worked in one of these jobs knows it for sure: a business may be just one worker away from crumbling under its own weight, still they’re usually not treated with the importance they deserve. It’s safe to say the shift work conditions will keep changing until the pandemic is fully contained and controlled, so it’s important to stay informed on the latest stats, trends, and tips to help keep shift workers happy, healthy and productive.