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How to Fight Mild Depression Without The Pills

By | source:Here Mar 9th, 2015

The infographic provided tells us that 1 in 10 Americans take antidepressants to help in alleviating the symptoms caused by depression. While medication is known for being one of the best remedies to depression, if you don’t need medical treatment, there are other ways that boost your mood and and pick up your outlook.

Big caveat, if you are trying to diagnose yourself, the internet is no place for serious medical advice.  This advice is mostly for people who’ve had a rough week and tell a friend, I’m soo depressed that my favorite cupcake shop just closed.

Exercise is great because it is easily done and it is truly up the individual to decide what kind of exercise they want to do; running, weights, rock climbing, yoga, and hiking are probably the most popular.

With running you literally push yourself to go the distance at a certain pace. There are races, running communities, applications, and clubs to help keep you engaged, striving for more beyond your limits.

Yoga is awesome for helping those with depression and even those with anger issues. This form of exercise forces you to slow down, focus, and to cast away all the blues. You tone your body, find your zen, and strike a pose all in one. It’s definitely an exercise that can make you feel grounded and centered.

Hiking, of course, makes you see an adventure. The second you step into the sun your body creates necessary vitamins. So what better way to fight depression than to immerse yourself in sunlight. There are so many wonders and so many views to see. Something about the outdoors puts all the nonsense into perspective.

The small stuff doesn’t matter but YOU DO! Get active, be healthy, and live happier!