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How to Get Through a Work Day When You’ve Had No Sleep

By | source:Here Jul 2nd, 2021

Been up all night and now you have to face a day at work? This is every employee’s nightmare. The day extends inextricably into the future with no end in sight. Your eyes are red and scratchy. Your thoughts are unclear and woolly and it’s hard to make any clearly considered decisions.

The strategy must be just to stay awake and function normally until you can get out of the office and return home to get some well-deserved shut-eye.

This infographic offers you an hour-by-hour plan for getting through the workday after a night without sleep. This on its own makes the day seem shorter and more bearable.

The plan includes making use of the power of caffeine and sunlight and staying well-nourished on light and healthy food. It also includes re-ordering your work so that you tackle the more difficult tasks in the morning when you’re not as sleep-deprived.  Then doing the brainless tasks at the end of the day.

It’s also best to postpone meetings if you can, as you may miss non-verbal signals when you’re tired and not as alert as you should be. If all else fails ask for the afternoon off, go straight home and collapse on the bed.