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How to Identify Poison Ivy

By | source: Jan 24th, 2013

I have never experienced the wrath that is poison ivy, but I’ve always known to stay away from it. It never really knew the damage poison ivy could do until a friend of mine had an unfriendly encounter with the plant. His skin was an angry red patch of steamy boils. It was literally, one of the grossest things I had ever seen. I never even knew that you needed steriods to help get rid of teh rash, but after seeing it, I can understand why.

If have no idea what poison ivy looks like, so if I was in the woods, I more than likely end up becoming one of the plants victims. Thankfully today’s infographic teaches you a few tricks to help identify this nasty plant. The rhyming makes remembering so much easier. So next time you go camping with your friends, remind them of these little jingles and save yourselves. [via]