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How to Memorize a Speech

By | Nov 1st, 2016

Memorizing a speech takes time, but if you use these trick and tips it doesn’t need to take all that long.

These techniques are the most useful in situations where you don’t need to memorize the text word for word, but even for monologues and poetry, they can help you keep on track and remember the exact words faster. Memorizing things is repetitious and obnoxious, so use every efficiency trick to make it go faster. Progress may seem slow, but steady practice will get you there. It’s not like you’ve waited until the last minute to memorize your speech, right? What do you mean, you haven’t written it yet?

I’ve used visualization tricks to help learn the order and flow of a speech before, and it definitely works. The key is to keep your visuals simple, don’t let them distract you. Don’t let the “eat fish, blueberries, and green tea” part of the infographic distract you either, spend time memorizing, not cooking special meals or taking extra trips to the grocery store.

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