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How To Navigate Office Parties As An Introvert: A Guide

By | source:Here Jan 6th, 2022

Being an introvert can be hard, especially in social situations. Office parties are a whole other animal: beer and coworkers aren’t always a match made in heaven!

As an introvert, you might be tempted to simply not go. I’m telling you it’s possible for you to go and even have a good time! The key? Preparation. Here you are a few tips to help you come out of your shell and deal with shyness in a party.

  • Baby steps are the way to go. Take small challenges. Don´t push yourself to make ten new mates in a week. Rather, practice small actions, like to have a five-minute chat with someone you don’t know very well.
  • Have a list of your strengths. This will help you to be conscious of excellent stuff about you. Your shyness is not what define you. Don’t forget about all the other cool stuff you’ve got going on.
  • People are not looking at you. When you feel shy, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the people you’re with are all looking at you and judging you. The truth is, they’re probably not thinking about you at all.
  • Self-talk yourself up. Positive self-talk ain’t easy, but if you practice for a while and get better at it, it will work a charm in boosting your self-confidence. You’d be surprised how much of a difference a bit of self-love can make.
  • Smile, no matter what: Every smile requires that you use an enormous number of muscles in your head and face, and that calms you down. It will also make you look more approachable.
  • Don’t avoid social situations. Even if they make you nervous and uncomfortable. Each time you face them, you’ll become better equipped to deal with them in a way that you enjoy.
  • Practice your social skills. Communication skills come in handy in most aspects of life. Get skilled up by checking out some communication tips.