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How to Remove Embarrassing Social Media Photos

By | Aug 6th, 2016

Let’s hope you and I never have to use this handy guide to cleaning up your image online, but just in case…

So you’re at a party and you’re just being silly and fun like everyone else, but did your friend have to take a photo at the exact moment of the wardrobe malfunction? And then did that “friend” have to post the picture on Facebook? Hopefully, this is a time where simply asking them to remove the photo will be enough. If your “friend” for some reason won’t take it down, untagging yourself and reporting the image is the next step.

I want to add an addendum to the “Prevention is the best cure” section of this infographic; Don’t post embarrassing photos of your friends! Don’t post private photos that were shared with you in confidence! Don’t be the problem.

But maybe you’re saying to yourself “This is an awesome photo of my amigo being the total goofball that he is! I want to post just to rib him a little.” And you might be right, maybe it is just harmless silliness. How would I know, I can’t see the photo. But before you post it, take a look at our Should I Post This infographic to make sure you’re in the clear.