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How to Spot a Yelp User

By | source: Jan 31st, 2012

Yelp is an internet trend that is enjoyed by many, but has taken to the status of obsession with some. While I do know some avid yelp users who are busy reviewing every restaurant, cafe, bar they go to, most people I know are passive yelp. A passive yelper is someone who reads reviews for an unknown place but doesn’t actually post reviews. Or maybe that is a lazy yelper? Who knows. This infographic isn’t about them (me). It is about the avid yelper. Everyone knows an avid yelper, the lunch mate who is on their phone reviewing just after the meal is over, checking in to every establishment we go to and attending yelp meet ups in new cities.

According to this infographic, yelpers should be an easy spot. In my experience, yelpers come in all different forms, but there are some key aspects to the infographic found on every yelper I know. Yelpers typically have their iPhone in hand at all time to review and to photograph/instagram their food. Yelpers may have sore fingers from said reviewing. Yelpers distended restaurant from all of the food needed for all of the reviewing. And most importantly, yelpers have sore feet from their adventures. Are any of you yelpers? [Via]