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How to Stay Digitally Safe While Travelling

By | source:Here Jan 10th, 2018

I will never forget the day our family went through identity theft. We traveled to California and our credit card information was stolen, with hundreds of dollars racked up in charges. It was fairly unusual and we have been extremely careful ever since. If you are afraid of something like this happening to you, check out these digital security travel hacks.

The United States is the number one country hit by hackers and identity theft. Whenever you use ATMs, make payments for a restaurant, or post a selfie online, you are at risk for digital hacks. Be extremely cautious when you partake in these things. You may think that you are safe, but you are at a higher risk of getting hacked than you think.

There are many different ways you can keep yourself digitally secure. If you keep track of your devices, log out of your devices that are shared on public networks, or authenticate your devices, you’re less likely to get hacked. Trust me, digital hacks are not fun to deal with…

I hope you can take the tips given in this infographic and apply them to your travel time. Digital hacking is a massive issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Travelling can be stressful, and I don’t want hacking to add to the stress. Check out more travel hacks for your next vacation. Have a safe trip!