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9 Habits Of People Who Try To Stay Fit

By | source:Here Mar 2nd, 2018

Can we talk about why some people are healthy and happy every day, while people like me are constantly exhausted and unmotivated? How do those perky people do it?

This infographic offers a few suggestions on how you can become as energetic as those pesky health nuts. First, you’re going to have to adopt a morning routine. This involves waking up early and eating breakfast, which can be difficult. Once you make it to work, you should drink water throughout the day and try to keep your body moving. If you don’t want to be the weirdo doing squats at your desk, you can walk around the office every 30 minutes.

As far as lunch goes, the graphic suggests that you sacrifice your Cheetos and soda for “a bowl of nuts or carrot sticks.” Yum. Later in the day, you should skip the bus and try walking or biking home. Last time I checked, we’re approaching still experiencing some pretty cold weather, so this may not always be feasible. It also suggests having dinner at least 3 hours prior to your bedtime, which means watching Netflix and eating pizza right before bed is out.

As the day comes to a close, you might prepare for bed with a warm bath and powering off your screens at least 30 minutes before sleeping. Even if you’re traditionally lazy, incorporating many of these habits into your daily life really isn’t that daunting. I’ll skip waking up early, but I’ll consider a healthy lunch in the afternoon and walking home in the summer.