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How To Rock The Wok (Plus Recipes)

By | source:Here Aug 30th, 2018

A wok is a fantastic way to expand your dinner horizons. Start cooking tonight with one of these six beginner recipes and easy instructions to break in your wok. With a wok, you can make stir-fry vegetable and noodle dishes that are tasty and healthy. Choose the right pan, oil, and ingredients and get started.

When looking for a wok, there are three things to keep in mind: size, shape, and material. A flat-bottomed, 14-inch, carbon steel pan works best. This large size provides room for a variety of ingredients and maximizes the surface area of the burner. The carbon steel material conducts heat and is naturally non-sticking.

Breaking in your wok is crucial as it ensures food items don’t stick.  Start by scrubbing the surface of your wok with steel wool, soap, and hot water. Dry your wok off, then preheat it on your burner. Saute simple ingredients, like oil, scallions, and ginger for 15 minutes. Lastly, take it off the stove, rinse with hot water and a sponge, then dry it off. These initial steps bring your wok to life.

Get the best flavor and tenderness from your stir-fried meals by using a few tricks. For example, if your recipe calls for meat, thinly slice the cut across the grain to achieve ideal tenderness. Chop your ingredients into roughly the same sizes for even cooking. Don’t forget to use peanut or canola oil for perfect stir-frys.

Cooking with a wok is fun and healthy. Try out these six recipes for beginners and find out which one is your favorite. If you’re looking for more noodle recipes to try, then here’s an adorable guide to making ramen.