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How To Write A Killer Customer Case Study

By | source: Oct 13th, 2013

Many of us work in retail. Many of us work in an industry that is customer based. This job often tells us that the customer is always right. Though it doesn’t really have to be true, to earn the trust of our clientele, and understand that the needs of the customer is by far the most important in any transaction.

Connecting with customers can be difficult. When breaching the gap and attempting contact, it is important to remember that the time is for the customer. A business is nothing without a loyal customer base.

We have all been asked to participate in short “5 question” surveys at the end of a phone call. Though not all of us draft reports that display quality customer satisfaction, we can all learn from the following infographic when thinking of how to best report our findings with the customers that many of us serve.

“Time is money!” is not necessarily true all the time. Time is time. We all have it and it can be precious because we have a finite amount of it in a day. When promoting something it is important to be concise. Use the proper formatting in questioning. Keep in mind how people read and process information.

Advertising is how a business builds profits and has long standing relationships its customers. Appeal to the target demographic. Once you have established a consistent history with a client, you can go forth and document it in a scientific and undeniably accurate report. [Word]