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How We’ll Live On Mars

By | source:Imgur Sep 17th, 2015

Mars is the next phase of manifest destiny. This time we’ll have to work together as a planet to visit a planet millions of miles away. Mars is completely uninhabitable to the human race, for now. Completing a manned mission to mars is one thing. Like the Moon landing, we might be able to set foot on mars, plant a flag and be happy, but that’s not the end goal.

As our society keeps using up the earth’s natural resources and contributing to global warming our lovely blue and green sphere will become more blue. Our growing population will move inland to smaller, higher ground. As CO2 is continuing to be released into our atmosphere at the rate of past mass extinctions many scientists believe our Earth may not be a livable planet in years to come.

Colonizing Mars is one of the grand options we must look at. Melting Mars’s polar ice caps to induce greenhouse gas release is pivotal to help stabilize Mars’s temperature in order to make Mars more habitable.

Mars could very well be where our prosperity resides a few hundred years from now. Let’s just hope the Earth can hold on until then.