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This Is How Far One Hundred Dollars Will Go In Each State

By | source:Here Jun 4th, 2018

How much is $100 worth to you? If you’re 8 years old and get $10 from your grandma on your birthday, $100 dollars would probably seem like winning the lottery. On the other hand, if you have three kids, $100 is nice, but it won’t change your life. Everyone values money differently, and where you live also determines how far a dollar goes.

New York and California, two of the largest states in the nation, are places where $100 doesn’t go very far, and Hawaii is even worse. If you’ve ever vacationed in Manhattan or Maui, you may have experienced sticker shock. But if a city is considered desirable and people begin to move there, prices will invariably rise. As a result, people pay more rent and companies likely pay higher salaries.

On the other side of the spectrum is Missouri, where $100 is worth about 16 percent more than average. That makes it much easier to go shopping in Missouri than Hawaii, where $100 is worth about $84!

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