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How Instagram Can Make Or Break A Restaurant

By | source:Here Feb 28th, 2019

The internet era has changed not only how people communicate, but also how they see the world. But has it even changed the way we eat? World-class restaurateurs share their take on today’s infographic.

The internet and more specifically social media are everywhere nowadays. Come on; people even go to the bathroom with their smartphones! Although it has this ever-present quality, most of us don’t fully realize how it changed the world we live in.

But think about it for a minute: when was the last time you went shopping at a brick-and-mortar store instead of looking for the item online? When was the last time you spent a whole weekend without using the internet? Probably a long time ago, like when you were grounded at 14 years old (or was it only me?).

Bathroom or not, pretty much every daily experience in our lives has something to do with our online presence. This is such a strong trend that restaurants take into account our digital lives to keep their businesses alive. It’s undeniable that internet trends, like viral posts and witty tweets, have a significant say on the success—or failure—of innovative food trends, fast food chains, and typical upscale dining places.

In fact, restaurant people even have a small formula: apparently, all we need to be fans of a new restaurant is for it to have pretty walls, neon signs, a good “instagrammable” wall outside, cute plates and interesting floors. And the food, right. We’re simple people, ya’ know?

Are you curious about what restaurants do to hook this digital generation? Check out today’s infographic!