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Interactive Digital Signs: The Wave Of The Future

By | source:Here Oct 15th, 2019

Everywhere you look there are now electronic screens.  Ads, menus, billboards have been modernized where possible.

Many of these screens are just replacing print signs.  Yet there’s another level of sophistication that can maximize the effectiveness of these screens.

Interactive signage adds interactivity to traditional digital signage (TDS), a unilateral broadcasting system that sends time-orchestrated content regardless of whether or not viewers are paying attention. But what exactly is Interactive digital signage and how did it evolve? This infographic explores the meaning of interactive digital signage when compared with interactive systems, focusing on the quick history of driving forces behind the paradigm shift: technology and software.

Both consumers and marketers benefit when the conversation is two-way.  This level of interaction also paves the way for customization and an enhanced user experience.  The more that can be gleaned from consumers, the better products can be tailored to us.