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Is Google Making us E-tards?

By | source: Nov 27th, 2011

While recently at a friendly gathering of young hooligans, I found myself engaged in a lighthearted debate on how the advent of the internet is affecting the brains of the youth.

I must confess, despite having done little research on the subject, I had already made conclusions of my own based on personal experience.

My opinion was (and still is) that the internet is ultimately expanding the possibilities of innovation for the coming generations. It is a catalyst for open communication and will provide us with mental framework that will propel the geniuses of our time forward with more vigor than ever before.

The person I was talking to did not agree with my somewhat sunny view of the internet. She said that the invention was making people dependent on it as an extension of their brains, and leaving little room for new ideas or improvisation.

In fairness, there is ample evidence for both conclusions in current events and our daily lives. So hereâ??s the dish on the estimated effects of Google, a favorite gateway for internet users worldwide. [Via]