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Key Things To Cosider If Bees Went Extinct

By | source:Here Oct 9th, 2021

You probably have heard that quote from Albert Einstein that says: “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live”, well… I have to tell you that there isn’t evidence that Albert Einstein actually said that, but besides that, the quote itself is more or less accurate: If bees disappear, we’re in deep deep trouble.

Bees are considered Earth’s biggest pollinators, if we keep losing these bee colonies that plants all over the world depend on to spread their genetic material, half of fruits and vegetables simply won’t have a way to produce what we use for our nutrition. And with less food to go around, prices will go up, and there goes the world economy!

This is why we should treat this issue with the utmost importance, and there might be a few things we can do on our side to mitigate it, like stop using chemicals and pesticides, grow flowers and foods to support neighboring beehives, and give our local beekeepers some support.

Yes, let’s do it for them! But let’s acknowledge that helping these little pollinizers will help us out big time as well!