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9 Life Lessons from Remarkable Human and Animal Relationships

By | source:Here Aug 14th, 2018

Animals have always been great companions for humans as they are loyal, dependable, and trustworthy. What we tend to forget is that animals can also teach us valuable lessons.
We often read about people capable of forging a special bond with animals. The question is what these people learned from their companions.  Through important relationships, like Koko the Gorilla and Francine Patterson or Ivan Pavlov and his dog, we know that it’s possible to gain the trust of animals.

By far the most significant insight came from Ivan Pavlov who studied his dog’s responses to a bell. This research founded the basis of “classical conditioning.” Advertisers use this concept to develop effective marketing campaigns, and Pavlov’s studies continue to stay relevant in today’s tech-focused world.

Siegfried and Roy and their animals became one of the first notable human/animal relationships. For years, the renowned performers included birds, elephants, and big cats in their shows on the Las Vegas Strip. Roy gained the trust of the feline performers by raising them during the first year of their life.

There are many life lessons you can learn from animals. You become empathetic, form special bonds, and practice mindfulness, among other things. Animals teach us lessons we can apply in our everyday life.

If you own an animal or consider yourself an animal lover, I’m sure you can relate to this infographic. Animals are intelligent creatures that sense the love and compassion of their human, which makes the relationship a beautiful thing.