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Little Known Facts About Beer

By | source: Dec 10th, 2014

Beer. It’s Red Stripe! (And a ton of others). Beer has been around for over 4,000 years. It was mostly brewed by women, is now brewed in the White House, and great quantities seem to disappear in facial hair. Those are just a few small facts today’s infographic will provide.

I’m not gonna lie, some of our long-time readers may have seen some of these facts before when we posted the 24 Fun Facts About Beer infographic. This one had five more facts and because of my love of beer, I had to enlighten you all.

Thanks to the growth of craft beer, our tastebuds are experiencing styles and flavors from far away lands and hundreds of years old recipes. The craft scene in Austin has grown so exponentially that most of our breweries can have extremely good revenue without ever selling outside the Austin market. Let’s keep this beer revolution going – Budweiser just tastes like piss… [via]