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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

By | source: Nov 27th, 2014

For many Americans, one of the highlights of Thanksgiving Day is waking up to watch the Macyâ??s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV. Every year, people gather to watch large balloons, beautiful floats, loud marching bands, and hear the sounds of the holiday. The parade was started by immigrants to celebrate their American citizenship. The parade is broadcasted live with musical acts, performances, and a lot of people on the streets celebrating the season.

The history of the parade is long, with many changes since the beginning. For one, it was originally called the Macyâ??s Christmas Parade, and it was on Christmas Day in 1924. One of the first large balloons was of Felix the Cat. The first radio broadcast of the parade was 1932, and the first TV broadcast was 1947. Despite the many changes to the parade, every year jolly old Saint Nick brings up the rear.

The infographic details a number of interesting, curious, and funny facts about this time honored Thanksgiving Day tradition. The parade is one of the non-sports related activities that I see with my entire family. I make a tradition out of sitting in front of the TV, sipping warm chocolate, and waiting for my favorite balloon to pass, Snoopy.