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How To Match Suits And Shoes Like A Pro

By | source:Here Mar 26th, 2020

In professional and formal settings, dressing sharp is not only an expectation but often a requirement. Today’s infographic will help make doing this just a bit easier.

Picture this guys: you’re getting ready for a big interview for your dream job. You put on your nicest clothes, spray some nice cologne, and head on your way. You get to the interview location, walk in, and are immediately met with an exasperated look. The interviewer looks you up and down, and just says, “Thank you, we’ll contact you if you get the job.” You immediately know you’re not getting the job, but you don’t know why. Well, do I have a secret for you: it was probably how you were dressed.

Today’s infographic shows the absolute best suit and shoe combinations for professional and formal settings. For these occasions, setting a great first impression is ideal, and all of these combinations will help you do just that. This infographic displays six popular suit colors and the best color of shoe to accompany it.

After seeing today’s infographic, I’ll be sure to take into account the information it provided whenever I next need to buy an outfit for a formal or professional occasion. There’s so many possible combinations in the infographic I’m bound to find something I would enjoy wearing.