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Medicinal Teas

By | source: Nov 23rd, 2013

Hello Internet! I have not properly introduced myself yet. My name is Stewart Cowan. By day, I’m your average college student majoring in Pre-Law Philosophy with a minor in German, but by night, I am a lurker of dark alleys, seeking out justice where evil reigns, and driving my chainsaw of morality into the hearts of the wicked. And on Saturdays, I’m your friendly neighborhood writer. Pleased to meet you.

Whether it’s green, black, white, or oolong , a steamy cup o’ tea should be in your hands at all times. From chamomile to rooibos, the endless entourage of healthy and heartwarming teas can make you a superhuman. Literally. Check this infographic out.

If you enjoy tobacco smoke yet hate the idea of a suffocating death by the vicious lung cancer as much as I do, then just drink some black tea. It apparently protects your lungs.  That way, you can enjoy your cigarette without having to live in the haunting shadow of your prolonged suicide.

Also, if the witch of indigestion should curse your bowels something mighty; just mix up  a chaga or pu-erh potion. Problem solved. Curse removed.

If you just want to be an all around, all-american, disease ridden, cancer tolerant badass, drink some white tea. If ever there was a key to immortality, white tea would be a front runner. This stuff lowers blood pressure, protects your body against cancer, boosts the immune system, and to top it all off, leaves you with whiter teeth and fresh breath.

And so, internet, it was a pleasure to meet you. Keep on sippin’. [via]