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The Most Unusual Drinks Around The World

By | source:Here Jul 10th, 2017

I like to keep things pretty simple. If I’m at a restaurant, I’ll order a Diet Coke. At a bar, I’ll just ask for the fruitiest cocktail available. Easy peasy.

But this infographic has me afraid I’ve been missing out. In Peru, ayahuasca (also known as Yagé) is used to trigger visions and help people rediscover their sense of self.

In the U.S., you might find a vaportini if you know where to look. The drink is heated past boiling temperatures and inhaled through a straw. All you need is heat, flavor-infused alcohol and a glass straw.

In China, you can find three penis wine. (Quite the name, right?) It contains deer, seal and dog penis, along with rice wine. In Japan, a drink made of pig placenta and jelly is believed to have regenerative properties.

And in India, you may find people discussing cow water, which is a nicer way of saying cow urine.

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