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Mr. and Mrs. Perfect: The Ideal Partner

By | source: Nov 23rd, 2012

Looks seem to have a lot to do with relationships and today’s graphic only supports that claim. According to the information down below, looks mean more than hobbies, religion or education. Does this mean we are a shallow society? I hoped not, but the data doesn’t lie.

Looks have always determined initial attraction. It has always been that way and its why we dress up before going to the bars or a night on the town. Of course personality and other factors play a big role in relationships, attractiveness has been on the top of our list for most human history.

Exercise is a great way to stay healthy and keep a fit form. I believe there has been an increase in healthy life-styles during the last decade. Something that was desperately needed to battle the fast-food empire that has taken a lot of the world by storm. Finding the right partner consists of many attributes, but lookin’ cute doesn’t hurt. []