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Why Multiple Screens Are The Key To Productivity

By | source:Here Oct 10th, 2019

How much time do you spend every day writing emails that need source material? How much time is spent looking up numbers in one document that you need to complete another document? Probably, you would answer these questions with ‘not much’.

It takes the average person about 1.5 seconds to change documents already opened in their computers. While this doesn’t sound like much, at the end of the weeks you would have spent lots of hours just switching between one document and another. Now, what if you didn’t have to switch at all? What if all documents were open and on sight at the same time?

This is what having multiple screens offers you. According to several studies, the size of your screen does affect your productivity. Designers, for example, have proven to be 20% more productive when using two screens at the same time.

Still, having multiple screens isn’t something reserved for designers and illustrators. Having more than one screen can increase your productivity if you are working on data entry or drafting a document using source material. Also, if you want to compare products side-by-side, having multiple screens is the right choice.

Even if you just want to play video games on your computer, having more than one screen can change your pace. How? Easy, you can play in one screen, while having chat boxes open in the other.