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Oil, the modern world’s lifeblood

By | source: Nov 14th, 2011

With all the things in the news these days it seems like some of the issue that used to be at the forefront have taken a back seat. Today we have things like the joke that is the GOP’s race for a presidential nominee, thank you Rick Perry for giving us laughs. If you haven’t seen the clip of my current Governor looking ridiculous check it out here. This along with the Herman Cain aka “Black Walnut” scandal has kept the media outlets quite busy, although it would be nice to get some real news every so often. Why is it so hard to find a good candidate, I know Republicans aren’t all as crazy as the ones that seem to be representing them. Not to mention the wars we are fighting and of course there is occupy wall street.

Anyway today’s infographic topic is oil, remember when everyone was freaking out about the price increases? And are we still looking for alternative resources of fuel? Unfortunately, what looked like the Obama administration’s attempt to invest in green energy went horribly wrong when Solyndra went bankrupt. Today’s infographic Peak Oil suggests when a country discovers oil it will increase production exponentially until it peaks and begins its decline. Why does this matter? Because it is possible Saudi Arabia, the ones controlling oil prices, will potentially be peaking between 2012 and 2017. With reports showing they may be lying about the number of barrels they have, by as many as 300 billion barrels.

Did you know we are experiencing our own oil boom here in the United States? Currently North Dakota is experiencing and oil boom which is helping its economy but wreaking havoc on their infrastructure, namely not enough living space. [via]