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Playground to Prison: Youth in the Adult Criminal Justice System

By | source: Dec 9th, 2012

Alright. Time to get serious again. Todayâ??s infographic tells about a topic I have recently been incredibly intrigued by. Juveniles in the adult prison system. Itâ??s an issue a lot of people do not know much about, but it affects society on a HUGE level. Seriously, though.

Almost everyone breaks the law in one way or anotherâ??especially when in the years of our infamous teenage rebellions. The problem is when a kid gets put in the adult criminal justice system, even for â??minimalâ? crimes, the effects on their lives are usually not beneficial. The lack of rehabilitation and therapy in the prison system might be to be blame with a shockingly high recidivism rate among juveniles (and adults).

I am training to be a social worker, and although I do not wish to work within the prisons, I want to promote reform of the prison system. It is much needed, with study after study showing that the methods in practice do not work. For those of you who are interested, I put a video about some of the issues that a professor at UT addresses directly under the infographic. It is very educational.

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