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Plugs Of The World: Know Before You Go

By | source:Albatross Tours Jul 7th, 2016

I traveled to Europe last November with almost everything I needed. The one necessity that slipped my mind was outlet adapters. I was too lucky that my friend in school over there had a plethora of plugs for me to use while I traversed Western Europe. One plug I got know well was a huge pain: Switzerland.

Why do you gotta be so different Switzerland? Why not just use the same plugs as the rest of your neighbors? Charging my cell phone involved 3 different plugs all stacked together. It was a tower of power if you will.

For once North America has got it right. With an overwhelming majority of countries opting for type A and type B plugs. I was surprised to see Belize adding on a type E plug. I’ve been to Belize and never encountered such an outlet.

Keep today’s infographic handy – who knows what plug your next adventure will need.