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Pop-Up Eateries are Finding Long-Term Success

By | source: Jul 29th, 2014

Today, many local eateries are going mobile! It costs significantly less money to own a mobile eatery than a brick and mortar building. Not only is it cheaper, but they can travel the city depending on demand at the time. It costs more than three times the amount to own a stationary restaurant as it does a trailer. Perhaps the mobile business can use the money they save on higher quality ingredients. Alas, it is hard for local restaurants to stay afloat. People expect a higher amount of quality from these places. But someone going to a trailer park eatery may not have as high of expectations. I am sure that they would not be disappointed by the product, though.

It is very sad to me that some parts of the country are still decorated with repetitive chain restaurant signs. With exciting, local restaurants popping up all over the place, I don’t understand how places like Red Lobster, Chili’s and Outback Steakhouse stay in business. Support local businesses everybody!