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The Secret To Happy (And Productive) Employees

By | source:Here Apr 25th, 2021

According to recent research by Oxford University, happy employees are 13% more productive. When it comes to salespeople productivity, it grows by a massive 37% when people are happy.

Yet further research shows that work is way down at the bottom of the list of activities that make people happy. This infographic looks at common areas where productivity fails and offers solutions for overcoming the problems. It also makes some suggestions on how employers can create a happier workplace.

Happy employees are less stressed, so they think more clearly. They are also more likely to offer excellent customer service. So how do we ensure that our employees are happy?

  • People like to feel that what they do is important. They want recognition for work well done and for the extra effort made. Yet employees often feel undervalued.
  • Employees need growth opportunities. They want to use their skills and talents. Create an environment of learning and empowerment and your employees will thrive.
  • Employees need direction. They must know what is important to the company and what they should prioritize in their workday. No person can find direction without knowing the destination or using a map or compass.
  • Productivity is not so much about how much your employees work but how effectively they use their hours. Make sure that your employees have enough time to enjoy a proper life/work balance.
  • A little time off during the workday to network and engage with the team is not a waste of time. Rather it creates relationships that will help the team to bond. Careful planning and respect and appreciation for employees ensures productivity and success even when your team is virtual.