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Quantum Mechanics of the Mind

By | source:Here Oct 7th, 2021

While we have all heard of quantum mechanics, all, but a small number of us, have no real idea of how it works. This infographic is nonetheless fascinating as it attempts to illustrate the quantum effects on our minds.

Each of us has a unique life experience. We have our own special way of creating our reality. We receive millions of bits of information in our every waking second. Then based on our expectations and life experience we process an infinitesimal amount of that information to create our own experiences. This is why two people in the same place and time can experience a very different reality.

If we accept this as true then we can design our own everyday experiences by deciding exactly how we plan to live each day. If we start the day on a positive note, there is a strong likelihood that we will have a good lived experience. Think positive and your unconscious mind will help you to find positive outcomes in your reality.

Try to look at things from a new standpoint. Don’t think in patterns. Question your paradigms and you may be able to lessen the distortions and reduce the generalizations. This may offer you a whole new point of view.