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Read Your Way To Stressless Success

By | source:Here Jun 12th, 2021

Every day we’re bombarded with information from social media, newsfeeds, and other internet resources. We have become so accustomed to picking up our phones and scrolling. So, many of us have forgotten the pleasure of taking the time to read a book.

This infographic suggests that it may be worth your while to take time out every day to read. It introduces us to the reading habits of some of today’s greatest business leaders.

The benefits of reading have been well-documented. Readers increase their general knowledge and stimulate their brains. Research shows that reading can even help to preserve memory in old age.

If you’ve ever wondered how some people can converse on a wide range of subjects, you’ll find that they are regular readers. Reading expands your vocabulary. As new words become part of your everyday speech, you’ll become more articulate–an important attribute for any career professional.

Reading will broaden your perspectives as you look at the lives of others and see things from another’s point of view. Your expanded vocabulary and broader knowledge will allow you to discuss and debate a wide range of topics, growing your self-confidence.

Reading is also very relaxing. There is nothing like losing yourself in a great story to relieve stress and forget about your troubles. And, if you battle to sleep, try climbing into bed with a book. It’s a great way to nod off at the end of a long day.