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10 Reasons Walking Is Such Pure Pleasure

By | source:Here Nov 1st, 2020

Walking is such a basic exercise. From the dawn of time, it was mankind’s basic form of transport. Yet, it is one of life’s little pleasures that we seem to have forgotten how to enjoy. Most of us commute to work and back, drive to the corner shop for our provisions, and then sit in front of the television until it’s time to go to bed. This infographic led me to rethink my attitude toward the humble, daily walk.

Walking is a simple pleasure that can help guide us to health, happiness, and better relationships. Walking is gentler on the joints than running and yet it can still increase your metabolism, strengthen your muscles, and help you to achieve a trimmer waistline.

A daily walk will give you an opportunity to escape technology (something becoming increasingly important with so many people working from home) and find time alone. Like all other exercises, walking helps to reduce stress and anxiety and can help to alleviate depression.

Walking is an excellent way to strengthen ties between family members, partners, or even friends. Take time to visit your local park or simply walk around a few blocks in your neighborhood, and savor the conversation away from the background noise of the television.