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Everything You Need To Know About Reddit

By | source:Here Apr 28th, 2018

Everybody has heard of Reddit, the sixth most popular website in the world. But if you somehow haven’t, here’s an explainer: It’s a place filled with both brilliant and awkward discussion boards, and it somehowbecame the front page of the internet. If you’re looking for any breaking news, good or bad, you should check Reddit first — most news breaks there first. Furthermore, Reddit is the reason why cats rule the internet, why videos become viral, but most importantly, why many key issues are discussed online.

While Reddit is a huge community with millions of users, there was a time when it wasn’t as popular. In fact, the history of Reddit is quite fascinating. It was created by two college roommates and grew into a massive platform that was acquired by Conde Nast for $20 million. Reddit faced a lot of challenges to get to where it is today.

For example, in the early days of Reddit, those college roommate founders, Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, had to create fake accounts and post phony comments to drive up traffic. You can find numbers, data and many other facts (109 other ones, to be precise) in this infographic about our favorite news aggregation platform and place to discuss obscure facts. Enjoy.