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This Dog Has An Inheritance Worth $412 Million

By | source:Here Aug 8th, 2018

It’s normal to be jealous of famous people and rich tycoons, but there are animals in the world who have more money than most of us.
Why does an animal need a budget? Good question. But for some celebrities, they’d rather spend their money on their pets than other people, which is their prerogative.

The richest pet in the world hails from Germany. How fitting that a German Shepherd takes the title. Countess Karlotta Liebenstein’s Gunther IV has an inheritance of 307 million pounds. That’s the equivalent of $412 million! Don’t you wish you were a royal pup?

Do you have $3.1 million handy? You could buy the world’s most expensive dog collar! It’s a full diamond collar with a combined total of 52-carats. Even those of us who love our pets more than anything may wonder why they need diamonds.

Yes, some animals might have more money than us, but it’s because their owners love them as much as they love humans. You don’t need to spend millions on your pet to let them know they’re loved. Animals are easy to please, and having a pet around actually increases your happiness. Show some love to Fido, even if you can’t give him millions of dollars.

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