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Roasting a Turkey

By | source: Dec 18th, 2012

The holiday season is upon is! It is time to trim the tree, deck the halls and cook the bird. If you haven’t trimmed the tree or decked the halls, you may want to get moving. Christmas is in a week. But you still have time to figure out the perfect way to cook the bird. That is unless you are defrosting a 20-24 pound bird in the fridge.

As a novice chef who usually eats an avocado for lunch and pasta + ragu for dinner, cooking a turkey seems like the most daunting task. Lucky for me, I still spend Christmas with my parents. At their house. With their cooking. But for the more grown up, and for future me, this infographic is a must-read.

Figure out your guest list, buy an appropriate sized turkey, choose your defrost method of choice (refrigerator if you buy your bird in time, cold water if you wait until the last minute) and cook her up. Happy holidays, and let them eat turkey! [Via]